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Production and Packaging of Cosmetics and Related

Bipack srl, is a cosmetics company in the hills of Reggello, working in manufacturing and packaging cosmetics. Bipack realizes florentine soap and in particolar artisan florentine olive soap, taking care that this meets the characteristics of natural soap since this is derived from the saponification of vegetable oils such as palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. .... This turns out to be 100% vegetable soap, no animal fat is used.

In addition to the vegetable soap in the form of solid soap, liquid soap is also produced.

This Italian soap or rather vegetable soap is produced in various forms and various weights from 75 gr. Up to 400 grams. The scents used make it pleasant while maintaining the sensitivity and the characteristics of Vegetal soap. The solid soap, named also tuscany soap, is packaged in elegant and beautiful gift box soap, with gold or silver hot printing. At this point the artisan Italian soap while always having maintained the characteristics of natural soap, in its form of solid soap has become a beautiful gift item.

The liquid soap, packaged in bottles with dispenser, is adorned with beautiful labels, packaging in cosmetics. We can say that only a 'cosmetic company that care detatils as Bipack srl , finishes, quality goes up to its maximum expression of high level of professionalism in producing cosmetics for many years.

In addition to solid soaps and liquid soap to bath foam, this company also produces hand body cream, cosmetics moisturizing, hand cream, excellent for restoring the skin's softness, beauty, and protect it from corrosion, it is produced in various fragrances in tubes of 75 ml. And soaps are placed in beautiful boxes.

In the same line we can find body lotion, always in different fragrances in tubes of 150 ml. They also have an excellent quality to be used on the whole body. The line is completed with face cream in a jar of 50 ml. Bipack srl reached the top in cosmetics manufacturing with this kind of product.

In conjunction with the line cream lines made by hand cream, body lotion and face cream, the company offers shower gel, perfumed papers for drawers and closets, and all other products under the brand "Cascia all 'Olmo."

Another area of Bipack Ltd. is the private label production, the production to other companies and customers hand cream, body lotion, face cream, soaps and toiletries. Bipack has a vast number of machines that allow it to provide many solutions in this area.