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Bipack srl is a company that works in cosmetic production and private label makings.

What makes the difference, inside tha packaging world, is the large range of machines and the connection with other factories in our group.
Bipack produces and makes packaging for regular cosmetic lines (shampoo, shower gel, hand/body lotions...) and also for traditional solid soaps and hair products.

We realise products as Gif Box set In many size with Vegatable Solid Soaps (very nice and particular... an original idea also for a little present ) Liquid Soap,Bath Foam ,ShowerGel, Hand Body Creams etc. We produce private Label on customer’s formulas.

We make formulas and relevant documentations, samples of regular cosmetic products We make the packaging of products of different size.
We can realize only the packaking of different products in standard measures or not, and travel little bottles (more useful and cheap than small bags).

We are competitive in prices and reliability: using a proper production line makes us able to keep production rejects down and get a high standard of quality of final production (you can see this little bottles entering under products-travel line).